Muddle Monday – 27th July 2020

Got a technique question about an Aoibhe Ni pattern?
I’m here to help!

Post a comment below and we’ll get you back on track.
A x

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2 thoughts on “Muddle Monday – 27th July 2020

  1. I have been working in tunisian crochet for quite a long time and I find your method very easy to follow. With other designs being made for the long hooks which can get very heavy with an afghan or scarf, using your method their is much less hand fatigue. If someone is used to following a tunisian chart and is having issues, what I do is to turn your chart horizontally and then to me it is as simple as following any other chart, just remembering to hook into your base on the last stitch. Easy peasy after watching your video that explains your method. Great tutorial by the way that is referenced in the Pax Shawl pattern. The Pax is just gorgeous, thanks so much for all of your work. I always look forward to finding a newsletter in my email from you. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Gina, thank you!
      I’m so thrilled to know the videos I do are helpful, and that a simple turn of the page can clear confusion up for traditional Tunisianers.

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