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Searching For Torc

sun shines through a violet tunisian crochet shawl

A’s Question

Hi Aoibhe Ni!
I was looking at your Ravelry store and I love your patterns. I tried to purchase the pattern for the Torc shawl but couldn’t find a link to do so. Is the pattern still available?

Please let me know as I would love to crochet this one, thank you so much!

– A

Aoibhe’s Answer

Hi, A!

Wow, your timing could not have been better!
Torc is the very last pattern from my two Legendary Shawls collections to transfer from Ravelry to my own site, Yarn Towers.

After getting your message I made some time and added it to the site, so you can now get it as your own leisure, AND for less than it would have cost on Ravelry because I won’t be paying any Ravelry fees to sell it!

I’d recommend making an account on Yarn Towers, by the way.
It’s totally free, no-one will pester you with emails, but it will give you access to any future updates the pattern may receive and you can log in at any time and download your patterns again and again. Emails are so easy to delete by accident, but this way you’ll never lose access to the patterns that matter to you.

Happy Crocheting!
A x

PS. Hey, crochet fans! You can get your very own copy of Torc right here!

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