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6 Beginner-Level Tunisian Crochet patterns to get YOU started

a small pink tea cozy cover sits on a small pink one-cup tea pot

The Fasten Off Yarn Along is currently in full swing, and I’m heartened to see how many people are using the event as encouragement to try out a “new-to-them” craft.

I see knitters jump on the crochet band wagon, I see weavers wading through lace knitting, and many people expressing an interest in Tunisian Crochet as their next big adventure.

A Beginner’s Paradise

To help you along your way, I have compiled a list of Tunisian Crochet patterns I’ve designed that I think are perfect for your first forray (or your 5th!) into Tunisian Crochet.

Luckily, ALL of these patterns can be made with a regular length crochet hook, so there’s no need to invest in a long Tunisian-style hook for anything I’m about to show you.

Crocheters, I guarantee you have all the tools you need to hand, and knitters, I bet you have a crochet hook lurking somewhere in the bottom of your stash that you use to pick up dropped stitches.

Ok, so with hook in hand and yarn picked out, let’s dive in!

Hey! Knitters!

The perfect starting point for you is the ever-popular Ishrat Hat.

It starts off with a soothing, and a familiar knitted garter stitch brim to ease you in.
You then add some gorgeous Tunisian Simple Stitch on to it to create the textured crown.
The construction is fun, and the hat itself takes less than a skein of your favourite sock yarn.

The pattern comes with a suite of Helpful Tutorial videos that takes you through the entire process.

All Simple Stitches

Another great first make is the Tea Beanie Tea Cozy.

This pattern is straight up Tunisian Simple Stitch from start to end.
This stitch is the one everyone learns first, so this project is a wonderful opportunity to get the basics down right from the start.

Because of its simple construction, the Tea Beanie is infinitely modifiable to fit your personal tea pot (or your head, if you seam it up entirely! Who doesn’t love wearing a tea cozy on their head, eh?!)

This cozy as written takes about 100 m of worsted weight yarn (or 100m each of fingering weight yarn, doubled for a great stash-busting project) and you could easily get this done in time for Christmas.


If you know how to make a single crochet (US) stitch or a double crochet (UK) stitch already, then you already KNOW how to do Tunisian Crochet.
Tunisian Simple Stitch uses the exact same dance steps, just in a slightly different order, so crocheters… you got this!

Great beginner patterns include:


I designed Pax specifically to be a tutorial for beginners, so there are no unwelcome surprises.

I have taught Pax at many yarn festivals over the years, and it has become the introductory pattern for So. Many. People into the wonderful world of Tunisian.

I’ve kept the price super low, too, to ensure it’s accessible to everyone.
The only commitment you need is a little of your time.


The reviews for Finola are in, and they are glowing!

Finola is made out of a series of wedge shapes, so once you have the first one complete, the rest flow on in a logical pattern.
This one is great for anyone who loves a good jigsaw, as the pieces all fit together in a soothing and satisfying manner. You’ll find yourself saying “I’ll just do one more wedge before bed” more than once!

Finola comes with a suite of How To videos on Instagram. Click here to see them before you buy.


Nuada is one of my personal favourites.
It is made in layers, with each layer made out of Tunisian Simple Stitch.

The two main layers contain simple-to-learn lace eyelets.
This shawl is easy to modify, too. You can make it longer by adding more lace repeats, and make it wider by adding more layers to the centre.

Discount Time!

And don’t forget to use your FO2021 discount on these patterns, (and a whole range of other ones, too) before the deadline on the 6th of December.

Happy Crocheting, everyone!

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