Translating English into English

“I only speak US”. I’ve heard time and time again from people at Trunk Shows and yarn events when they come to talk crochet with me. It’s a common refrain across the internet, too; a pattern language is learnt, internalised and ownership of it is established as a crafter learns the crochet “ropes”. Bilingual craftersContinue reading “Translating English into English”

“You’re a what…?”

“And how’s school going?” “So, what are you doing with yourself?” “What are you working at these days?” “How’s the (cue vague knitting-type hand movements) …job?” This is the procession of questions I have heard every 6 months since I turned seventeen and was diagnosed with an auto-immune illness. Every half year, as sure asContinue reading ““You’re a what…?””

The cost of a pattern

Here is a list of all the things I needed to learn in order to run a moderately successful* pattern-selling business. (In no particular order) Adobe InDesignAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorWordPressEtsy backendRavelry backendMailChimpCrochet/Knitting (obv)MathsCodingPattern WritingCreative WritingPatreon backendCopyrightPhotography & Lighting & Set DesignModelling (assuming you’re doing it yourself, cause that’s cheaper)– and consequently, make-up, hair, clothingSelf-promotionAd Lib PublicContinue reading “The cost of a pattern”

Homeward Bound How To Collection

Homeward Bound is a Tunisian Crochet shawl worked on a regular-length hook, and crocheted from side to side. The pattern itself can be purchased here, And a helpful collection of How To Videos are featured below: Part 1: Wherein I explain the beginnign of, and the basic Short Rows used in the charted sections ofContinue reading “Homeward Bound How To Collection”

Aoibhe Ni – Shawl Pins

Fashioned out of quality stainless steel and strengthened in the traditional manner, these shawl pins are understated, easy to use and glide through shawl fabric gently. They’re hand crafted, and finished with a granite texture to ensure the pin stays in place all day. Double SpiralThe double spiral is seen as a symbol of balanceContinue reading “Aoibhe Ni – Shawl Pins”

Feminist youth and the importance of pockets.

Let’s face it, folks. I’ll never make a fortune doing what I do. My design work is niche, and requires a certain level of commitment from a buyer before they can get all down and dirty with with one of my patterns. And that’s OK. These are the songs I sing, and I am gratefulContinue reading “Feminist youth and the importance of pockets.”