Sunny Hat Tester Portal

Hi everyone! Thanks for volunteering to be a tester!

Here is where you’ll go to find the latest draft of the Sunny Hat.

During this test, please remember to:

  • Use the spreadsheet to tell me if an instruction confuses you.
  • Record yarn usage at three key points:
    – after knit band,
    – after second panel of crown is complete,
    – & after hat is complete.
  • Use hashtag #AoibheNi on all social media posts related to the pattern and test

Folks, I am so happy to have you on board this test.

This is the second in a series of hat patterns I am designing with yarn bought from yarn dyers and People of Colour local to me. (Well, they’re mostly in the UK and I’m in Ireland, but that’s pretty local!)
It is a plan I put in place before the start of the pandemic, hoping to gently showcase the talents of some dyers I love.

The first hat was a free pattern called Ishrat (which features the yarn talents of Ishrat of Fruitful Fusion Yarns), and during that test I asked my testers to try and use her yarn too, if at all possible.
Here, I’m hoping you can do the same with Dusty Dimples yarn.

If not, please do try to use a dyer of colour local to you if you can. This isn’t a requirement, of course, just a hope I’m expressing.

How My Testing Process Works

I have prepared a Google Docs spread sheet for this test.

The notion is that each of you get a column to yourselves.

I have numbered the paragraphs in the pdf pattern and numbered the spreadsheet to match.

Your comments and corrections can be added directly into the appropriate spreadsheet cell by clicking on the cell in question and using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+M (or right click > Comment) and adding your thoughts in there.

The great thing about this method is that we can have a conversation in ‘Annotations’ without it getting truly bonkers looking on the spreadsheet, and so that everyone else can follow along or add their two cents without everyone losing their minds in the chaos.

If this seems like too much to the less computer savvy among you, worry not! Just type away in the cell itself and I’ll fix it later. It’s no big deal, I promise.

I’ll make a point of checking in daily, so any question you have won’t go unanswered for long.

Right now, I haven’t inserted the videos that go along with the pattern. They will be coming in the next few days, after we’ve worked through any tension/gauge snags and everyone’s had had a bit of a look over the pattern (if you’re so inclined).

At the end, any tester who has stuck it out will get a totally polished copy of the pattern, as well as a heartfelt thank you from me on Social Media.

Social Media

I encourage you to post about this on your favourite Social Media platform(s).

Please use hashtag #AoibheNi when you post progress shots. But please do bring any corrections or pattern concerns to me in the Google Sheet rather than posting them online.

Lastly, this pattern is almost entirely universal in its use of terms and stitch names, with one exception; the htr (half treble) I mention in the pattern is a UK half treble. Those of you who speak American, please substitue this for an American half double (hdc) stitch instead.
(Psst! Knitters, If that sounds like jibberish, worry not. There will be videos! It’s not complicated, I promise.)

I will, of course, be making UK and US versions available at the end of this test, but for now, and to stop myself getting confused while editing, I’m sticking to one live document.

Beyond that, folks, I do hope you have fun!

Thank you again!
A x

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