Title: Creating Reoite’s vine detail – Binding Off

Click here for a guide to creating the vine detail with a Crochet Hook.
Click here for a guide to creating the vine detail with an Darning Needle.

Using just a bodkin (a blunt darning needle), here’s how you secure your beautiful vine.

Let’s Get Into It!

Whether you made your vine using the crochet or the embroidery methods, you will finish up at this exact point.

With a short strand of yarn left, thread your bodkin.

Ready to secure the vine detail on Reoite Gloves

In the image below, my needle is resting on the spot where I would insert it IF I was making another petal stitch.
DON’T go in there.

DON’T go in here

Instead, lift the last petal made up a little and insert bodkin into the fabric in front of it.

Go in here instead.

From the Wrong Side, pull yarn to tighten loop.

…and done.

That little stitch will hold the last petal in place without adding any bulk to the end of your vine.
But we now must secure that end on the Wrong Side of the glove so it doesn’t come loose.

weaving your bodkin into the fabric on the wrong side is enough to hold the strand in place

After that, carefully trim the end.

Once all your ends are woven in and your pieces have been gently blocked (if you’re into that sort of thing), it’s time to sew up your panels to complete your gorgeous new gloves!

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