Title: Creating Reoite’s vine detail – Crochet Method

Once you have your Reoite Glove panels complete, there’s one last detail to add before they’re sewn up.
There are two different ways to achieve this lovely petal stitch detail on your own gloves.

If you’re handy with a darning needle, click here for the Embroidery Version.

Using just your crochet hook, here’s how you create this gorgeous, textured vine effect.

First Things First

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Here’s what we want to achieve.
You can either work with the same colour yarn as the rest of your glove for a subtle effect, or you can spring for a contrast colour yarn to really show off your new skills. For this tutorial, I’ll be using a contrasting yarn so that you can see exactly what I’m doing at every stage.

Completed Reoite Gloves (left) and a Reoite in progress with contrasting colour vine detail (right)

So, first, we’re going to need a good, old-fashioned slip knot.
This creates the loop we will put on our hook in a moment.

(If you don’t know how to make a slip knot, click here.)

Slip knot and yarn loop

Insert hook into dead centre of cuff edge of fabric (see pattern for a chart to guide you).
Then add loop to hook while it is still inserted in fabric.

insert hook
add loop

Draw loop through to front of fabric. Don’t worry if your loop is still loose. We’ll fix that next.

draw loop to front

Pull ball end of yarn and the loop on your hook with tighten. Pull gently but firmly until loop is snug (but not tight) on your hook.

pull ball end of yarn
loop is now snug on hook

The First Stitch

From the Right Side of your fabric, press hook through to Wrong Side at the point indicated on the pattern’s chart.

Then Yarn Over from Wrong Side, and draw loop through to Right Side. You’ll have two loops on your hook.

yarn over
draw loop through fabric to right side

Draw loop closest to hook tip through other loop. You’ll be left with one loop on your hook, and a petal stitch in your fabric.

Tip. Crochet loosly. These petal stitches have zero stretch to them, so be sure to add a little slack as you crochet.

Adding More Petal Stitches

Let’s go through the sequence again…

Find next spot on pattern’s guide
push hook through to wrong side
yarn over
draw loop through fabric to right side
and draw loop closest to hook through other loop

After a few more repeats, this is what it will look like:

four petal stitches complete, and one on the way

Keep working like this, with the pattern guide as reference.

four petal stitches complete, and one on the way

Once you have completed your entire vine, cut the yarn on the Wrong Side of the fabric, then loosen the loop on your hook until the end pops through to the Right Side.

…and POP!

For a photo guide on Binding Off, click here.

Thanks for reading.

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