Title: Creating Reoite’s vine detail – Embroidery Method

Once you have your Reoite Glove panels complete, there’s one last detail to add before they’re sewn up.
There are two different ways to achieve this lovely petal stitch detail on your own gloves.

If you’re handy with a crochet slip stitch, click here for the Crochet Hook Version.

Using just a bodkin (a blunt darning needle), here’s how you create this gorgeous, textured vine effect.

First Things First

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Here’s what we want to achieve.
You can either work with the same colour yarn as the rest of your glove for a subtle effect, or you can spring for a contrast colour yarn to really show off your new skills. For this tutorial, I’ll be using a contrasting yarn so that you can see exactly what I’m doing at every stage.

Completed Reoite Glove (left) and a Reoite in progress with contrasting colour vine detail (right)

So, first, thread your bodkin with an armspan of yarn.

While you will need about 3 meters of yarn to complete the entire vine it’s not wise to work with a strand of yarn that length from the beginning. The end will get ragged and tatty, and it will catch on your yarn with every stitch. You’ll end up fighting with it more than embroidering with it. It’s better to cut a length you can easily manage and then secure your end and start with a new strand when you run out.

(This tutorial on Binding off a Petal Stitch will help when you need to bind off)

From Wrong Side to Right Side, insert needle where indicated in pattern (the location of your first stitch changes depending on the size of glove you’ve chocen to do).

Setting up for the first Petal Stitch.

From Right Side to Wrong Side, insert bodkin into same hole you chose to set up stitch.
From Wrong Side to Right Side, come out one square up, and at a diagonal.

draw loop to front

Draw yarn in front of bodkin so it sits between fabric and the bodkin itself.
This creates a loose loop which will become the first “petal stitch” in a moment.

Take tip of bodkin and pull it out of the fabric.
As you pull, you’ll notice the loose loop you created in the last step tighten…

yarn wrapped in front of bodkin
bodkin removed from fabric

…and tighten, until a little petal shape has been created.

pull to tighten loop

first petal now sits on top of fabric

The Second Petal

From the Right Side of your fabric, press bodkin through fabric from within the petal loop.

Pick up yarn again and draw it in front of bodkin so it sits between fabric and the bodkin once more.

yarn wrapped in front of bodkin
Bodkin removed from fabric and loop pulled to tighten

Once loop has been tightened, you’ll see you have a second petal stitch completed.

Adding More Petal Stitches

Let’s go through the sequence again…

bodkin inserted inside previous petal
and out to Right Side again, according to pattern guide
yarn wrapped in front of bodkin
bodkin pulled through fabric with loop tighening
…and done!

Keep working like this, with the pattern guide as reference.
For a photo guide on finishing off, click here.

Thanks for reading.

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