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Catching Floats in Tunisian Crochet Stranded Colourwork – Part 1
Have you tried Tunisian Crochet colourwork yet? This satisfying technique will have you hooked in no time.
Catching Floats in Tunisian Crochet Stranded Colourwork – Part 2
Have you tried Tunisian Crochet colourwork yet? This satisfying technique will have you hooked in no time.
Joining Yarns in Tunisian Crochet
This little trick works well for both solid fabrics and lace. The idea here is that the joined yarns will be partially woven in as you work, …
Turn your FAILED Scarf into a SUCCESSFUL Something Else
FO ahoy! Get out your failed scarf fragment, thread your darning needle and prepare to bathe in a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction!
How do I stop Tunisian Crochet from CURLING?
Oh my gosh, the CURL! It's the bane of a Tunisian Crocheter's day, isn't it? Curing the curl seems almost impossible, but never fear! I'm here to …
Herringbone seam for Tunisian Crochet
Creating a truly invisible seam in any form of crochet has so far proven virtually impossible. The complex texure of crochet fabric doesn't lend itself to easy, …
What is the EASIEST GIFT to make with Tunisian Crochet?
If you want to make a handmade gift, but you're short of time AND yarn, then this free nautical-themed Seashell Scrubbie pattern is just what you need. …
Is Tunisian Crochet faster than Regular Crochet?
Is Tunisian Crochet Faster than Regular Crochet? And which uses more yarn? Do they come out the same size? I decided to find out once and for …
Getting the MOST out of a Stretchy Crochet Chain
So, you have your stretchy crochet chain done, right? Now what? Here's how you use it.
The Ultimate Stretchy Crochet Chain
Basic old CHAIN STITCHES don’t stretch! This is a perennial problem for both Traditional and Tunisian Crochet. But luckily, I’ve found a solution. Here's how to make …
How to make a SLIP KNOT
The SLIP KNOT! It’s a rare crochet or knitting project that doesn’t begin with this versatile little knot. In this photo tutorial, I'm going to show you …
How to Make the Sunny Hat with a Crochet Band
For those of you keen on the Sunny Hat, but not so keen on the whole "knitting" thing, here's a version of the headband that's totally knit-free.
7 Ways to make YOUR next crochet pattern test a success
Running a pattern test can be a mindfield.Let me run you through the basics. "You haven't made it in the industry until someone develops an irrational hatred …

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