Aoibhe Ni (pronounced AY-vah NEE) is a Tunisian Crochet designer from Ireland.

Crocheting for over 30 years and designing professionally for ten, Aoibhe’s signature patterns have been featured in books and magazines internationally and has taught students from all over the UK and Ireland.

A pioneer of the “Short Hook” Tunisian crochet method for both lace and colour work shawls Aoibhe is also known to dabble in amigurumi, traditional crochet and knitting.
Aoibhe doesn’t believe in mistakes, instead calling them “alternative methods” and loves to see her patterns adapted and altered by those who make them.

All you need is a hook and some yarn to get started!

Her patterns come with helpful How To videos at key points in the pattern, so even a beginner will find them accessible.

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  1. Hello Aoibhe, What a delightful blog! I’ve been reading posts you have made on Ravelry’s Tunisian Explorers group. It is lovely to be able to read a little bit about you. Thank you for your generosity in sharing with everyone. Because I am not on Facebook, sometimes I miss the personal connections people make there. Nora

  2. I no longer get link in my pax pattern or Venus pattern I bought from you, is there a different link I could use, or Raverlymine. Kelly crane

    1. Hi, Kelly!

      I’m sorry you can’t access Venus or Pax at the moment.

      If your purchase was through Ravelry, your lack of access is due to Ravelry’s new website design. I can’t use Rav any more due to my dyslexia, so I was forced to pull back my pattern support on the site over a year ago.

      So, if you did purchased through Rav, I can restore your access to your patterns through my own site. Can I ask you to email me at with your PayPal receipt number and I’ll set you up with a Yarn Towers down load link for both Pax and Venus.

  3. Hello, Aoibhe. I am so impressed with your work. I am traveling to Ireland September 17 to join the trip. You are on our day 2 itinerary. I’m looking forward to meeting you and sitting in on your workshop. I’m not much of a crocheter, but I am so impressed with your patterns, that I am really excited to join you.

    See you very soon. Wendy Dennee

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