The only Long Tail Cast On method you’ll ever need.

Knitters, don’t say I never give you guys anything! This long Tail Cast On method is flawless.You’ll never scrabble for yarn to make those last few stitches ever again. Long Tail anxiety will be a thing of the past! And it’s so gosh darn easy. Let me show you how. Before we begin our long […]

Making an Invisible Crochet Decrease

If you’re a lover of the cute and cuddly world of amigurumi, and you want to improve the look of your finished crochet toys, this post is for you.Crochet fabric is highly textured, but your eye can be drawn to any disturbances in that texture, rather than to your hard work and crochet skill. Making […]

Adding Relief Stitches to Tunisian Crochet fabric.

Tunisian Crochet has texture for daaays.It’s one of the things I love the most about it. From that gorgeous stripe on Simple Stitch, to the squishy bounce of Knit Stitch, you can’t go wrong with a little TC. But sometimes, you wanna turn the volume up on that texture. That’s where Tunisian Crochet Relief stitches […]

Get a good fit on your sweater yoke with this calculator

Like many crafters, I can struggle to get a good fit on my home-made sweaters. Sweater yokes I have designed from scratch are a particular challenge, so I have put together a sweater yoke calculator to help. Sweaters Are Tricky When you have a sweater yoke (the circle of knit or crochet fabric which will […]

Creating Reoite’s vine detail – Binding Off

Click here for a guide to creating the vine detail with a Crochet Hook.Click here for a guide to creating the vine detail with an Darning Needle. Using just a bodkin (a blunt darning needle), here’s how you secure your beautiful vine. Let’s Get Into It! Whether you made your vine using the crochet or […]

Creating Reoite’s vine detail – Crochet Method

Once you have your Reoite Glove panels complete, there’s one last detail to add before they’re sewn up.There are two different ways to achieve this lovely petal stitch detail on your own gloves. If you’re handy with a darning needle, click here for the Embroidery Version. Using just your crochet hook, here’s how you create […]


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