Yarns I’ve Used – 2020

Let’s go chronologically, shall we? You can click straight through to all their websites by tapping on their names, and if you’d like to learn more about each pattern just tap the image instead! Townhouse Yarns Fade St. 4-ply While you’re here!Join my mailing list here for exclusive content, discount news and helpful updates.I won’t […]

Sunny Hat Crochet Version

#AoibheNi #SunnyHat You want it? You got it!Here we go, folks. For those of you keen on the Sunny Hat, but not so keen on the whole “knitting” thing, here’s a version of the headband that’s totally knit-free.You may proceed with ease. UK Version:Tension: 28 sts x 18 rows of BL dcRemember, the row gauge […]

A note about my pattern-writing style

The very first crochet patterns I learnt to read and understand were ancient, Irish Crochet Lace motif and doily patterns. These patterns I found in books that had seen decades of love and use in my local library. They had a glorious, free-flowing style to them that added poetry and joy to their instructions; you […]

An American Wake

The 1840’s saw the first postage stamp, the start of the covered wagon trains to California, the publishing of Jane Eyre, the invention of the telegram and the rubber band. In Ireland, by the middle of the 1840’s a potato blight called Phytophthora infestans had started to wrap its deadly fingers around the staple crop […]


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