Top Down Sweater Stitch Calculator

This calculator is designed to help you get a good fit on a Top Down Sweater

One of the trickiest parts of making your own clothes, I find, is getting the right ratio of stitches separated for the Front, Back and Arms of a Top-Down sweater.

I’ve done these calulations for years on the backs of envelopes, and post-it notes and inevitably, I lose my precious piece of paper in a flurry of decluttering.

So, I decided to make this calulator.
This won’t end up in the recycle bin so easily!

All you have to do to use it is input the number of stitches you have on your completed, top-down sweater yoke.
The calculator will figure out all your stitch counts for you!

  • This calculator assumes you are starting a round behind the right shoulder, because that’s where I start.
  • All stitch totals are rounded up, so look over them carefully to be sure you have enough on your yoke before you begin.
Two columns
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A few things to bear in mind:

No two people posess the same physical proportions.
If you find the shaping on manufactured clothes leaves you uncomfortable, take this as a sign that your proportions are not being properly catered to.

  • If you have a broad back, shift your stitch markers few stitches forward.
  • If you’ve an ample chest, shift your stitch markers few stitches back.
  • If you’re busty and broad, I find a generous gusset can help alleviate the pressure.
  • If you have wide upper arms, a few extra stitches on the Gusset may sort you out there, too.

But really, it’s all a question of trial and error.

Make the thing, wear it, and judge how best you can alter your calculations for next time.
It took me a few sweaters to really nail it down for my own shape, but hopefully, this calculator will help you cut down that time!

This calculator is based on a life-time of my own calculations for women’s bodies based on my own experience, and many other designers’ knit and crochet pattern calculations.

It is presented as is.
Your pattern is your pattern. I will not answer questions about how to apply this to a specific sweater or troubleshoot for you if it goes wrong. As my Mam says; “You’re on your own, baby!”

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