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Hi Aoibhe Ni!
I was looking at your Ravelry store and I love your patterns 🙂
I tried to purchase the pattern for the Torc shawl but couldn’t find a link to do so. Is the pattern still available?

Please let me know as I would love to crochet this one, thank you so much!
– A

Aoibhe’s Answer

Hi, A!

Wow, your timing could not have been better!
Torc is the very last pattern from my two Legendary Shawls collections to transfer from Ravelry to my own site, Yarn Towers.

After getting your message I made some time and added it to the site, so you can now get it as your own leisure, AND for less than it would have cost on Ravelry because I won’t be paying any Ravelry fees to sell it!

Torc uses (800 – 850 m) of Rowan Fine Lace and a 5.5mm (I) hook

I’d recommend making an account on Yarn Towers, by the way.
It’s totally free, no-one will pester you with emails, but it will give you access to any future updates the pattern may receive and you can log in at any time and download your patterns again and again. Emails are so easy to delete by accident, but this way you’ll never lose access to the patterns that matter to you. 🙂

Happy Crocheting!
A x

PS. Hey, crochet fans! You can get your very own copy of Torc right here!

Crochet Novice, Knitter Expert

Hi Aoibhe Ni!
I just saw your Zero to Crochet course and have a couple of questions 😊

I am already a knitter and only this week started researching crochet as I want to make a granny stripes blanket this year.
I notice that you hold the yarn in your right hand…? Is it possible to hold it in your left if you want to? 😊

I’m curious too, is Tunisian crochet similar to regular crochet?
Sorry for all the questions!

– M

Aoibhe’s Answer

Hi, M!

Thanks for the questions!

OK, firstly, let me tell you that the Zero to Crochet course is entirely focussed on traditional crochet techniques and the three patterns that come with it (that are used to help guide you through the lessons) are all traditional crochet pieces.

Being a knitter already is a great place to start!

I’ve even included a lesson called “The Knitter’s guide to crochet” because I have had quite a few knitters in my crochet classes over the years and know there are a few common crochet muddles that are unique to knitters when they begin to crochet.
They’re all easily avoided when you know what to look for, though!

And yes, I do hold my hook in my right hand, but I make sure to describe several common hook-holding techniques early on in the Zero To Crochet series using both right and left handed holds. I feel that a happy crocheter is someone who has the opportunity to find the best method for them, regardless of my preferred method.

Fingerless gloves, A 3D lower bloom and a Granny Square all feature in Aoibhe’s Zero to Crochet lesson plan.

As to Tunisian?
Well, I like to describe Tunisian Crochet as the happy place between knitting and crochet. It essentially uses knitting techniques but with a crochet hook. If you can “pick up and knit”, you can do Tunisian crochet. 🙂

And I will have several courses similar to Zero To Crochet coming in the autumn that cover lots of Tunisian techniques.
All my patterns come with a full suite of How To videos already, though, so you’ll never be left scratching your head.

Happy Crocheting!
A x

PS. Hey, crochet fans! Find the Zero to Crochet course here!

Good Thing, Small Package

Would you please suggest which of your Tunisian shawl patterns can be modified most easily to be smaller?

Thanks for your help!
– L

Aoibhe’s Answer

Hi, L!
What an excellent question!

I’d suggest Dublin Bay (it comes in a small and larger size already),
Finola (it can be made shorter by doing fewer panels) or
Nuada (which again, can be worked with fewer pattern repeats and taking out a few of the middle rows to make it shorter and narrower.

Dublin Bay

All three of those suggestions are also on the easier side, so if you’re in a hurry or are new to my patterns, then they are a good place to begin.

If you’ve done Tunisian before, Ard Ri can be modified by eliminating the last few rows to make a small colour-work half-circle shawl, too, but I’d not recommend that first time out.

Happy Crocheting!
A x

PS. Hello, crochet fans! Find all my crochet patterns right here!

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