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32 Stitches Short

a woman dressed in black holds a solid, golden shawl around her shoulders. She's looking to her left and is standing in front of a dark background.

Elizabeth’s Question

Hello Aoibhe Ni.
I am currently working on your Lunula Shawl. 

I have reached the end of Panel 3, but I still have about 32 stitches left, and I CANNOT figure out what I am doing wrong!  Please can you tell me where I am messing up?

– Elizabeth

Aoibhe’s Answer

Hi, Elizabeth!

32 stitches is a lot to be short at the end of a panel, so I had a good chew on my thinking pencil, and I think I’ve found where your Lunula went astray.

Panel 3 includes the instruction:
“SR23, YO, 36 L40tr”

All the other instructions prior to this one contained 4 Linked stitches, instead of the 36 you see in the instruction above.

I think what’s happened here is that you did 4 Linked stitches, accidentally leaving off the remaining 32 by accident.
That’d certainly account for the discrepancy.

I do hope this helps!

Happy Crocheting!
A x

PS. Hey, crochet fans! If you’d like to have a go at Lunula, you can find it here!

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