Sunny Hat

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Suggested Yarn: Dusty Dimples Dusty SockFoxy
Yarn Weight: 4-ply
Fibre: Superwash Merino & Nylon
Hook size: 7.0 mm
Needle Size: 4.5 mm
Yardage: 300 m – 330 yards)
Circumference: 53 cm / 21 in

Crochet terminology: both US and UK

Release Date: Friday 11th December 2020.
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Sunny is the second hat in a small series I’m currently working on that exclusively features yarns dyed by people of colour.
(Ishrat is the first)

The Project:
When the discussion about racism in the crafting community was happening at the end of 2019, I got to thinking about ways I could redress the balance a little.

I first considered working on a collection of shawls using yarns dyed by people of colour, but I had a full plate of shawls on the go and dyers who had already handed over yarn support for those designs, so if I was to do a POC shawl collection it’d have to wait at least another year.
And that delay wasn’t something I wanted to justify.
That idea also felt too me-centric, if I’m honest, and that wasn’t the point at all.

Additionally, there was a cost factor for me to consider. I don’t make all that much at this job. In fact, I just about make enough to pay my bills. Any dyer I am lucky enough to work with grants me yarn support as part of our collaboration deal.
And the notion of contacting dyers of colour for this endeavour and saying “I want to help, gimme yarn!” was, well, not the right way to go about this in the slightest.

Hats, though! Hats don’t take as long to make, so they can be fit in around my current commitments. And because they don’t cost that much in materials, I am able to afford to buy the yarn directly from the dyer without needing them to provide yarn support.

And that’s what I have been doing.

This project is all about the yarn and the people who dyed it. It’s about motivating crafters to support and encourage dyers of colour in our community in a sustained and consistent manner even now (especially now) when focus has mostly shifted to other subjects.

The Yarn:
The Sunny Hat is made using Dusty Dimples “Dusty Sock” yarn in the glorious colourway Foxy.

Dusty’s yarn had been recommended to me several times when I put a call out in 2019 for the names of dyers of colour I may not have heard of. I am so grateful that people aimed me at her shop.

While Foxy leaped out at me immediately, there was so many more colourways that I was tempted by and I would LOVE to see Sunny made up in a selection of Dusty’s colourways in the future. Please visit her shop today and look at the goodies she has on offer. You’ll never want to leave.

Ooooh! “Foxy” Lady!
Image (c.)

Sock Weight Yarn:
I am a sucker for a good sock-weight yarn.

And unpacking this one was an event I hope to repeat time and again. My yarn arrived by post and took my breath away as I unwrapped its packaging. It’s softer than I had anticipated (I’m sure it makes exquisitely soft socks). I knew the fact that it was mostly made of Merino wool would ensure it was soft enough to be worn around the delicate neck area, but even so, I was thrilled.

The addition of Nylon in the blend makes this a typical “sock yarn”, by the way. The nylon ensures that the soft-soft Merino is strengthened so any hard-wearing garment made out of the yarn won’t wear out over time.
While hats are not notoriously thinning garments, a little nylon is no harm. It makes the hat lighter on the head and it ensures it dries a little faster, too.


The Merino fibre in this yarn has been treated to make it “Superwash”.

That’s a term used to mean that the yarn won’t shrink in a cool machine wash. Of course, even with that assurance I’d be reluctant to bung anything hand made into the machine, so take that piece of info with a liberal pinch of salt.

Be aware, Superwash wools tend to ex-pa-nd more than non-treated wools when first exposed to water. In general, it’s best to test a small swatch in water to see how much it will grow before completing an entire garment.

If you’re using a Superwash for this hat, please do consider knitting up one (point) section of the headband, submerging it in water and seeing what measurement you end up with when it’s laid flat to dry. If it’s more than 4.2 inches, then you may need to go down a needle size to ensure a good fit.

Release Day:
Sunny will be available from the 11th of December, 2020.
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