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Handmaking my world

Lately, I’ve been trying to settle on a colour palette for future clothes making endeavours.
I’ve been researching, reading colour theory, comparing eras…

If you’d told me I had ALREADY chosen a colour palette, I’d have disagreed. But here I am, organising my winter hand mades and clearly… CLEARLY… I have already decided.

Muted secondary colours it is, I guess!

This is a collection of knitting, crochet and machine sewing. Each piece is designed and drafted by me, made by me to my taste out of fabrics and yarns I’ve chosen for texture or colour, or dyed til I was satisfied.

Each piece is made to fit me.

I’ve no sizing information. No idea what size each one corresponds to in real terms. They each make me comfortable in my skin because they conform to me, not the other way around and there’s power in that.

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