Aoibhe Ni – Shawl Pins

Fashioned out of quality stainless steel and strengthened in the traditional manner, these shawl pins are understated, easy to use and glide through shawl fabric gently.

They’re hand crafted, and finished with a granite texture to ensure the pin stays in place all day.

Double Spiral
The double spiral is seen as a symbol of balance in nature. It is believed that the spiral represents the sun and the double spiral is a depiction of the sun’s journey across Irish skies throughout the course of the year. It’s also suggested that it is representative of the eddies and waves in the swirling rivers that exist at many ancient Irish sacred locations.

The Spiral is a well-recognised symbol of Celtic Ireland but many, many examples of its importance are to be found all around Ireland on Neolithic tombs that date back over 5,000 years.

EUR 13.00
(+ EUR 4.00 post & packaging)

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Salmon Of Knowledge
One of our greatest legends involves the attempts to capture of a great, mythical salmon that possesses all the knowledge the world has to offer.
It was said that he who took the first bite of the salmon would possess all of its learning.

Perhaps this shawl pin will endow you with a little of that great salmon’s learning?
Don’t try eating it, though.

EUR 13.00
(+ EUR 4.00 post & packaging)

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Ancient Scroll
While the rest of Europe was descending into the Dark Ages, Irish monks continued to work diligently to make copies of sacred texts, and to spread their advanced medical, political, creative, and linguistic learning.

Every wondered why Ireland is known as the “land of saints and scholars”?
That’s why! This simple, elegant scroll shape is a tribute to them.

EUR 13.00
(+ EUR 4.00 post & packaging)

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Ram’s Head
One of the most striking sights you’ll encounter around most of Ireland are hedge-crested fields and open mountains full of roaming, grazing flocks of sheep.
They’re dotted across the island from east to west, and one of the most beloved breeds is the Blackface Mountain sheep. It’s got a long, shaggy fleece and glorious swirling horns framing its curious face.
Why not top your favourite shawl with one of Ireland’s favourite sheep?

EUR 13.00
(+ EUR 4.00 post & packaging)

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About Aoibhe Ni

I'm a crochet shawl designer from Ireland. Feminist. Trekkie. Dog Lover.
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