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Aoibhe Ni 2020 – The Rules!

Happy New Year, everyone!
And welcome to the Aoibhe Ni 2020 CAL Rules page!

Here’r the rules, folks:

1. Post your Aoibhe Ni pattern progress on Instagram each week to be entered into that week’s prize draw. Multiple posts are welcome. The more you post the more chances you have to win! All participating projects MUST be an Aoibhe Ni pattern.

2. Each Instagram post MUST include both the hashtag #AoibheNi
AND that week’s dedicated hashtag:
The (bracketed) suggestions under each week are offered for inspiration. You don’t have to stick to them, of course.

Week 1. #AoibheNiWeek1
(Show Us Your Yarn and Pattern choice)

Week 2. #AoibheNiWeek2
(Show Us Your Swatch, or the beginning of your project if you like to live dangerously!)

Week 3. #AoibheNiWeek3
(A photo of your hands out and about crocheting on the bus, at the library, at the kid’s swimming lesson, under a tree… wherever you happen to be!)

Week 4. #AoibheNiWeek4
(Video time! Treat us to a few seconds of your gorgeous, talented hands crocheting away. I bet we all hold our hooks a little differently. How cool would it be to see how everyone else crochets!)

Week 5. #AoibheNiWeek5
(Have you made any modifications? Here’s the week to show us what you’ve changed.)

Week 6. #AoibheNiWeek6
(The Finale! Your completed shawl blocking, or modelled. There are no bonus points for using a dog to model your shawl, but that would make me very happy!)

Not including the weekly hashtag will mean your post won’t be part of the random number generator’s count come prize time and you will miss out on your chance to win a prize that week.

3. Week One begins on Monday the 6th of January 2020, and each week thereafter will begin the Monday following.
The first prize winner will be chosen and announced at 12 noon, Irish Time on Saturday the 11th of January 2020, and each winner thereafter will be announced the Saturday following.

4. Aoibhe Ni will tag each week’s winner in an announcement post in her Instagram grid. This is the winner’s cue to message Aoibhe on Instagram with their Name, email address and their preferred postal address.

5. The Aoibhe Ni 2020 CAL will run from Monday the 6th of January 2020 to Saturday the 14th of February, with the final prize being announced on Saturday the 14th of February 2020.

6. Be nice!

And this isn’t a rule, but I encourage you to look at other participants posts, and to like, comment and encourage them along with comments and love! Let’s make this a fun and fulfilling time for everyone involved!

Additionally, any questions or comments can be directed here:
I’ll endeavour during the duration of the CAL, to pop in every day or two to help anyone who might be stuck.

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