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Quick and Cozy Makes for Autumn

Autumn in Ireland is a mad awl caper.
Yesterday it was 22 degrees and the sun was splitting the rocks. Today, we’ve got hail stones clattering against the skylight with a wild fury.

This time of the year, I find, is the hardest to dress for. There’s a saying in Ireland. “If you don’t like the weather here, wait five minutes!”

So, the solution inevitably becomes a question of layers:
Bring a hat you can take off if the sun god decides to return with a vengence. But don’t forget your shawl in case the north winds whip up a squall and send you shivering for shelter!

These are my 4 favourite patterns for “crazy weather crochet”.

Sunny Hat (below left) is an elegant blend of a knitted garter stitch band and segments of Tunisian Simple Stitch.
Added bonus, you’ll find a crochet version of the knitted band here, if you’re not feeling knitterly inclined.
Use Dusty Dimples Dusty Sock yarn in colourway “Foxy” to get that gorgeous golden glow.

Red Currant Shawl (above right) uses Tunisian Knit Stitch and a 4.5 mm hook as a starting point, then the fun begins with a mosaic of interlocking Simple Stitch squares. You can use a variety of hook sizes on this one to add extra depth and drape to the finished product.
Mine is made with a firm favourite of mine, Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply.

Lop Top (below left) is the odd one out in this bunch – it uses ALL traditional crochet techniques. Yes! This autumnal tee is made using Back Loop and Front Loop single crochet stitches.
I made mine with Twilley’s Of Stamford DK yarn.

And Morrigan (above right) is my absolute hero whenever there’s a sudden outbreak of bad weather.
Made with a lace weight wool, it’s light and portable, but it packs a punch nevertheless.

Make this one with Cushendale Lace yarn for some added ruggedness. Morrigan is the outer layer you’ll never leave home without.

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