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Creating Reoite’s “Snow Flower” – Part 2

This tutorial will guide you through the Return Pass for the Snow Flower stitch in my Reoite Glove pattern.


Here’s where we left off in Part 1.

The Forward Pass has been completed and we are ready to work the Return Pass

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Work the Return Pass as usual until there are only two loops left before we reach the stitch marker:

(This will require referencing your copy of Reoite as the number of stitches to be worked will change depending on the glove size and Snow Flower position)

Two loops left on hook before the stitch marker is reached.

Remove the marker.

Then, Yarn Over and draw through 3 loops on hook.
You will work through 2 tight loops and a loose (petal) loop.

Yarn Over in place on hook.
Yarn Over has been drawn through two loops
and the looser (petal) loop.
Note how the first petal has been worked off the hook.

Success! You're on the list.

Make another Yarn Over and draw that through the next two loops and one looser (petal) loop.
Do this repeatedly until all the petals have been removed from hook.

Second Repeat – second petal is off hook
Third Repeat – third petal is off hook
Fourth Repeat – fourth petal is off hook
Fifth Repeat – fifth petal is off hook
Sixth Repeat – sixth petal is off hook

At this point all six petals of the Snow Flower have been worked off the hook, so now, we can complete the Return Pass in the traditional manner i.e.
*Yarn Over, and draw through 2 loops* repeatedly to end of row.

Nicely done!

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