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Sewing up you Reoite Gloves

Once you have your Reoite Glove panels complete, and the vine details added with either a crochet hook or an embroidery needle, it’s time to sew them up!
This tutorial will take you through the process.

What You Will Need

Panels 1 and 2 are laid out in the image below, as is the afterthought thumb.
I’ll be sewing up a right-handed glove in this tutorial, using the right-handed snow flower panel and my stitch markers set for the thumb on my right hand.

Panel 1, the afterthought thumb, Panel 2, my right hand and a bodkin

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A note on needle choices.

Below, I have a blunt-ended darning needle known as a bodkin. I prefer to use a bodkin for seaming up a piece because the blunt end won’t split a strand of yarn when I’m passing it through the fabric. This gives a neater finish to a piece of crochet.


To Begin

Align the stitch marker on your thumb with the lower stitch marker on Panel 2.
Then, thread your bodkin and pass it through the two marked stitches.
Add a few more stitches to give this join a bit more strength.

align these two markers
bodkin through both marked stitches

This is what we end up with:

thumb tacked to Panel 2

When you sew up the rest of the seam, you get a little thumb flap off the edge of Panel 2, like this:

Once again, add a few extra stitches to the last stitch, then weave the end in on the wrong side of the work.
I like to travel back down along the stitches I have just made:

Adding Panel 1

Now that the thumb has been attached to Panel 2, it’s time to add Panel 1 to the party.

The image below is a little misleading, and I apologise for that. The intention was to ensure you knew how to orientate the panels (with the last row of each panel at the knuckle end of the glove), but I really should have put Panel 1 on the OTHER side, with the thumb itself in the middle.

I’ll fix this when I have another glove made up, but for now, let’s press on!

With the Wrong Sides of panels pressed together, start at the cuff end and seam the thumb side of both panels together up to the lower stitch marker.

more seaming…

When your seaming reaches the lower stitch marker, work through marked stitch AND the stitch at the point of thumb.

stitch marker marking the point where the thumb is included in the process

I recommend you run a few extra stitches into this spot for neatness and strength. This join is the one that will get the most wear.
Seam up the open portion of thumb to Panel 1.

panels 2 and 1 seamed on thumb side, and thumb and panel 1 open
thumb seamed to panels 1 and 2

Success! You're on the list.

Completing The Thumb

Fold glove in half along completed seam.


Add a few stitches to top edge of thumb where indicated below:

right there
thumb stitches in place

Those stitches add a bit of a gusset to the thumb and makes the opening fit far better.

Then, carry on seaming Panels 1 and 2 together above thumb.

…last few stitches…
…and done!

Lovely stuff!
Time to weave in your ends, then admire your handy work and get another strand of yarn ready.

Flip your glove like a pancake, attach yarn to cuff end of open seam, and start sewing!

open seam
seaming in progress
seam complete

Once all your ends have been sewn in (or, more likely tucked inside and hidden from view, amirite?) your gloves are ready to be worn and admired by friends and strangers alike!

Well done!

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