Selkie is named after a Gaelic legend about a beautiful woman who transforms into a seal once she steps into the sea. It’s a story of love and loss and renewal and the spirals in this shawl are meant to represent both the seas around Ireland as well as the cyclical nature of the legend itself.

The wingspan of this shawl is 160 cm / 62 inches


This pattern uses Tunisian crochet techniques and was designed to be made with a regular, short crochet hook.
This is an advanced pattern. The pattern pdf is 28 pages long and contains a photo tutorial for the spiral section.

Yarn used in sample:
Green Elephant SW Merino lace
100% Merino
“Petrol” – 1 skein (600 m)

Wingspan: 160 cm / 62 inches
Hook: 5.5 mm (I Hook)

Selkie begins with the spiral/wave edge. Each spiral starts with a Magic loop with Tunisian crochet stitches worked on the round out from that centre point. Once the first part of the spiral is complete, the second part is created with a series of foundation Tunisian crochet columns.
The next spiral is then started separately and joined-as-you-go to the previous one.

Once complete, Tunisian Simple Stitch layers are build on top of the spirals to make the body of the shawl.

This pattern comes with easy-to-follow charts and text instruction and links to helpful technique videos.

The pattern pdf will be available to download immediately after purchase.
You’ll also be emailed a download link.


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